Give the Gift of Life for Domestic and Exotic Animals

Support Conservation and Enivronmental Efforts Through Education

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Throughout the country, there were many exotic, and domestic animals who needed a home, or they would surely face euthanasia. These lions, tigers, and bears along with pigs, geese, and rabbits needed a safe place to lay their heads down at night. A place that would feed them and tend to their needs, offering a better quality of life and a loving forever home. Animals came from all over the country, some came from Zoos, other were confiscated from folks that shouldn't have had them, and still others came that were injured or in need of assistance.

It all started with a phone call that was made to Bear Path Acres and a request that was made to save a life. Bear Path Acres agreed to save that life, and a wildlife refuge was born. The sanctuary began to grow, taking in many of the animals that needed a home throughout the country. Grizzly Bears, Hyenas, Red-tailed Hawks, Turtles, and reptiles made their way to Bear Path Acres.

Through the generosity of many volunteers and local organizations, Bear Path Acres was able to expand to house nearly 100 animals comprising 74 species. These volunteers provided enclosures, meat, and fresh produce for the residents at the wildlife refuge.

But, Bear Path Acres quickly reached capacity and yet continued to take in these abandoned, and often injured animals. The volunteers at Bear Path Acres knew that to continue helping the animals, they would need additional support from people just like you who want to help these animals to live full and productive lives.

To build support for the 100 animals that call Bear Path Acres home, the volunteers at BPA opened the wildlife refuge to the public, inviting people to come in and to interact with these animals. Educational classes were offered to local groups and school kids. Children were given the opportunity to engage with Virginia wildlife at close range and were able to see that they play an important part in the ecological development of the world.

I went out to Bear Path Acres with my family, and we saw some awesome animals! My favorites were the big cats. I really liked being able to get to close to the big tiger. We were so close; you could hear all of the noises he made. I learned that that sound is called chuffing, and it's kind of like a cat purring. The Lions roared for us, and it was so cool, but I was glad they were behind a fence! If I had to pick one favorite, it would be the white tiger. She's so beautiful. I can't wait to go back and see how she's grown. Thank you for taking care of the animals like you do.

Jaiden Padelt
Franklin, Virginia
10 years old

P.S. Today, we are asking you to help us to support these exotic and domestic animals. To ensure that they continue to live a healthy and active life and to help Bear Path Acres to continue its mission of creating awareness, values, and understanding of animals and plants, their conservation and environmental needs through education. Please select a donor level above every dollar helps!